Osaka ZOOM Tours

Billiken – The god of the way things out to be.

In order to ensure that time is not wasted, I will utilize Taxi’s to shuttle between points. We are not allowed to talk on the train and trains take time, so all transportation costs for tours are calculated separately from the GUIDE FEE.


OSAKA CASTLE, oldest registered Buddhist Temple in Japan & Dotonbori Entertainment District

We will walk the grounds of Osaka Castle, talk about the history of this beautiful place and how its rough beginnings began, we then head to the oldest registered Buddhist Temple in Japan.

We can only video the outside of the building but can go over the Temple’s history and check it out.

After that we will make our way to the ‘HEART’ of Osaka, Dotonbori. We will walk the street ‘together’ and you can see how an Osaka Entertainment District operates

GUIDE FEE: ¥25,000 + trans and entrance fees

(Trans & Entrance Fees) Approximately ¥2500 total


There are numerous places to visit in Osaka. NO WAY to list them all here. But I can create most anything you like. I listed an example above. Let me know what you would like me to do by clicking the email link below.

Tsutenkakku Tower & Drinking & Entertainment District