Nara ZOOM Tours

In order to ensure that time is not wasted, I will utilize Taxi’s to shuttle between points. We are not allowed to talk on the train and trains take time, walking in Nara is also a waste because things are so far apart from each other so all transportation costs for tours are calculated separately from the GUIDE FEE.


TODAIJI TEMPLE, Nara Deer Park walk, Kasuga Shrine

We will make our incursion into Nara at the famous Todaiji Temple, largest wooden Temple on earth. As we are allowed to take our cameras inside, I will give you a detailed History of what we see and experience. Se will also cover Buddhism here.

After that, we will make our through the Deer Park, which is actually just central Nara anyway, and make our way up to the Kasuga Shrine, Shrine of 10,000 Lanterns.

We will meet the kami here, make some offerings, check out a 1,000 yr-old Cedar and talk the History of this area while also discussing Shinto.

View from the Fire Shrine overlooking Nara

GUIDE FEE: ¥25,000 + trans and entrance fees

(Trans & Entrance Fees) Approximately ¥3000 total


There are places in and around Nara like Kashiba Historical District and Sakurai, where one of the oldest Shrines dating back 2,680 years sits behind another magnificent Shrine called Omiwa. Let me know what you would like me to do by clicking the email link below.