Kyoto ZOOM Tours

East Hongonji Temple – Kyoto

In order to ensure that time is not wasted, I will utilize Taxi’s to shuttle between points. We are not allowed to talk on the train and trains take time, so all transportation costs for tours are calculated separately from the GUIDE FEE.


FUSHIMI INARI SHRINE, Kiyomizudera Temple, Historic area, ending in the famous GION Geisha District.

Some of the Vermillion Torii Gates of Fushimi

GUIDE FEE: ¥25,000 + trans and entrance fees

(Trans & Entrance Fees) Approximately ¥4000 total

We will start at the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine, walk some of its beautiful red Torii Gates, talk about its History and Shinto while giving you a look into the workings of a Japanese Shrine.

We then hop into a taxi and take a 20 minute ride to the famous Kiyomizudera Temple, where I walk the incline street to the Temple itself, we will check out some of the vendors along the way and then make our way into the Temple itself where we will cover its History and Buddhism. We also hit a ‘love’ Shrine here.

I then walk the famous Historic area of Sanenzaka Street, down through the Yasaka Shrine and to the main Shijo Shopping Street and over to the ever-famous Geisha District of Gion.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine

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Kyoto walk

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ARASHIYAMA and the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji)

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

GUIDE FEE: ¥25,000 + trans and entrance fees

(Trans & Entrance Fees) Approximately ¥6000 total

We will walk the beautiful Hoku River and Togetsukyou Bridge and talk History here, head to a UNESCO Zen Temple and Garden, pop out the back to the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.

We then hop on a taxi and though it is about 25 minutes away, we head to the famous Golden Pavilion of Kyoto. (Remote location)


Nanzenji Temple & Aquaduct with Forest Walk and the beautiful Heian Shrine & Garden

Walking the Fores near Nanzenji Temple

GUIDE FEE: ¥25,000 + trans and entrance fees

(Trans & Entrance Fees) Approximately ¥4000 total

We start at a Japanese Historical Temple that was originally built to be a Villa for an Emperor. We will walk the grounds, see views from the second largest Temple gate in Japan and walk its unusual Aquaduct and take a walk into the forest where Monks have performed an interesting ritual for over 700 years.

After that, we take a ride over to the beautiful Heian Shrine, not only a landmark for its historical reference but its beautiful Garden.


There are over 1700 Temples and 750 Shrines and over 400 Gardens and an Imperial Palace in Kyoto. NO WAY to list them all here. But I can create most anything you like. I listed the most popular spots above. Places like Nijo Castle we cannot have pics or video inside 🙁

Let me know what you would like me to do by clicking the email link below.

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Shodenji Temple. Bloodstained ceiling

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Sunset in Kyoto near Yasaka Pagoda