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My aim is to be able to provide you with THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING HERE, tours of Japans’ Kansai Region which covers Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Wakayama, Ise and surrounding areas.

THOUGHT #1: Is it impossible for you to visit Japan right because of the virus?

THOUGHT #2: Would you like to have a sushi party at your house and have me walk around Kyoto, Osaka or Nara and give you guys a tour while you drink sake and have some sushi?

THOUGHT #3: Maybe you are not quite up to making the actual trip for whatever reason?


ALL ZOOM TOURS are 3 ~ 3.5 hours long. I do the walking while you sit in the comfort of your home. I will cover Japanese History, Imperial Lineage, Buddhism and Shinto aspects and depending on where we go, the details of each area and why it is special.


  1. You pick where & what you want to see. Usually in three hours and some change, we can hit three (03) places.
  2. We choose a date and set the times so we correspond at a comfortable time for you wherever you are in the world.
  3. I create the meeting on ZOOM and we connect on the day. I will already be at the first stop as to not waste any time.
  4. You sit and relax while I make my way around the city or place we have agreed on. (Note: some places may not allow filming)
  5. With the equipment I have purchased to make the tours as clean and crisp as possible, I will take photos and do some recordings along the way. I send those to you a day after the tour, or once I get home that day (Japan time)
  6. You get an awesome tour with an awesome Native English speaking GUIDE that has 22 years experience and has lived in Japan for 38 years. No one does it like me.


I will cover all aspects as to provide you a tour that covers everything you ever wanted to know. Please review my ideas below for ZOOM tours. OF COURSE,I will take you where you want as long as it fits in the time parameters. If after browsing you still want something different, there is a click on the email link at the bottom of each page. I will make it happen.


Richard Hawkins – Owner & Professional, Interpretive Tour Guide